Mia and Ethan

by David Donavel

Even after Janie, Ethan’s gay friend, explains that Mia left him because he would not take his own idea of marriage seriously, he doesn’t get it. Why, he wonders, should that make such a difference? Why does that keep her from answering his messages, returning his calls? And so, after some months, even as he still misses Mia, he starts a relationship with Katie Peterson. But then, Katie out of town, he runs into her roommate, Alice, drinking with friends and, as he would say, one thing leads to another and they end up in Alice’s bed. Janie scolds him but he still doesn’t understand what’s wrong. Stuff happens. And so he spends time at his job as a Child Care Worker on the “crazy” ward at Towers Memorial Hospital and, when his own roommate, Todd, moves out to be with his girlfriend, Ethan, finally speaks with Mia and proposes that she give him a second chance.

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