The Bet

by David Donavel

It was a sure thing. The best team in the east against a pack of rats and Clarence Dawkins wagers more than he can hide. When he loses, Spurlock sends Danny Pope for the money. The cash is there, invested in a retirement account, the “nest egg” of Dawkins and his wife, money Dawkins can not touch if he wants to keep his marriage intact. Dawkins delays payment and a frustrated, Pope recruits his townie friend, Jimmy Doerr, to help with the collection. At the same time this pair tries to keep their innocent girlfriends, students at Kingston College, ignorant of their seedy employment. When Dawkins fights back by smashing Pope’s face, and when Spurlock turns up the heat by giving Pope and Doerr a deadline, tensions and tactics escalate, eventually coming to a horrific and tragic climax.


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