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In 1984 Andy Martinez and I produced our first magazine article, “A Look at Life Beneath the Sea,” for the now defunct Essex Life.  (There exists a magazine by the same name, but that one is published in England; ours was published in Gloucester, MA).  It was very exciting to get the assignment and I eagerly penciled a draft and then laboriously counted the words.  To my dismay, I discovered that I’d written far too much.  The story needed to be cut by a third.  Making those cuts was painful, but instructive.  The finished story was leaner and more readable and in my subsequent work for magazines I was careful to keep fluff out of the prose.  I’m not sure I always succeeded, but I never had to make such extensive cuts again.  All in all, I found magazine writing challenging in much the same way sonnet writing is challenging:  one must, within strict constraints, fashion something readable.  I suspect the best sonnets and the best articles are those that make the constraints invisible, leaving the reader with the sense that he’s encountered something spontaneous and vital.


Poetry and Short Fiction



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Short Fiction

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